Deworming: Majority of Readers Don't Utilize Fecal Egg Count Exams

More than 600 readers of responded to a poll asking, "How often do you utilize fecal egg count exams?"


results of poll on fecal egg counts

Results were as follows: 

  • Never 55.72% (341)
  • As directed by my veterinarian 17.65% (108)
  • Annually 12.91% (79)
  • Other 11.76% (72)
  • For new arrivals at the barn 1.96% (12)

Readers shared why or why they don�t use fecal egg counts in the comments below.

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  • I do FECs several times a year to determine the need for deworming
  • if a client objects to the rotational deworming program they have the fecal egg count option
  • 4 to 5 years
  • I rotate wormers every 2 months
  • Usually 3-4 times per year. Cannot know if dewormer works without an FEC
  • with established herd that has been together for 4 months, I sample afew every 2-3 months to monitor
  • Never, I deworm every other month while rotating dewormers and my horse is happy and healthy.
  • when i suspect worm
  • we do fecal counts and worm accordingly
  • OMG, I don't have time to do this and it's not really that reliable. Worm per Vet's instructions
  • 2 x p/year
  • It's not done much here. Vet never suggested it.
  • Our vet does a fecal check twice a year with wellness exam
  • I do fecal egg counts on my horses 4 times a year, I use a natural dewormer and they have been nega
  • 4x yr
  • if a specific concerns indicates
  • Whenever I can get a "vet" to do it--and let me see the slide!
  • ONe time
  • or if it seems like I'm having an issue
  • I deworm all my horses regularly.
  • recently every 6 weeks because of resistance developed to daily wormer
  • Just worm 'em 4X year.
  • 2 -3 times per year - depending upon the results
  • Never done it but am considering it due to info about resistance in worms with dewormers
  • 4 times/year. De-worming is based on what we get back.
  • When we think there are issues going on
  • Haven't done, would like to -not available where I live
  • I've done a couple of times in the past 8 years, but have an unchanging herd
  • every 2 months
  • Do not know how to do fecal egg count - vet too expensive
  • If there are issues where general worming does not seem to be working.
  • If my horses were then or I had more than 2, I would do fecal testing to help with medicine resistan
  • I worm them anyway. Fecal counts are not always reliable.
  • Every three months and worm only when over 200.
  • every 4 months
  • every 4 months
  • Every two months or sooner for horses with high counts or after deworming. I do the tests myself.
  • At every worming period - if count is zero, then I don't use wormer.
  • twice a year
  • I check annually and when a newbie comes to the barn they are checked also.
  • Just sent one recently for the first time!
  • monthly--I paid $130 this year to be part of a vet sponsored worming program. No worms so far.
  • recently, every 8 weeks on my older horse
  • grab sample during different horses during the year and new arrivals
  • quarterly
  • around 3 times x year
  • Whenever our vet tech daughter has time to do this for us--
  • My vet doesn't even know whether his lab can do one! Huh!
  • research
  • Occasionally/Rarely.
  • I did this once on one horse to see what the result was and it was nearly zero
  • annually and follow up if egg counts are high.
  • all new arrivals and young stock once a month all others every two months.
  • twice year
  • I do my own egg counts as often as I want,sometimes weekly
  • Our vet was surprised how the deworming did not last. We had to shorten intervals between deworming
  • but i do think it makes sense, just havn't done it
  • every 6 months - to see if worming is necessary
  • per vet
  • Did it for a couple of years. Vet felt not valid...
  • I do my own FEC's. I start at about 8 weeks post-trt & continue weekly until the horses become pos
  • Once a month. Use appropriate dewormer if FEC is positive.
  • the vet comes twice a year for vacs and checks egg count, also
  • our vet has never suggested it
  • whenever my horse is showing signs that may indicate a problem
  • Before and 14 days after a dewormer to test that product's effectiveness on the worms in a pasture
  • Usually prior to target dewormer
  • I don't even know what fecal egg count exams are
  • Since I don't worm, I annually test to see if I need to. 2 times a year
  • 2 x a year
  • Actually 2 times a year, from different mares on my farm. Lately non have had worms.
  • When dewormer is $3 and testing is $12..and I may still need to deworm...this adds up.
  • 4 time per year
  • only if suspect
  • Unless there is a free service for this, I can't afford to do it.
  • Do fecal counts twice a year
  • If I thought I had a problem, I'd consult my vet. Rural access restricts frequency of this test.
  • its a waste of time as most samples are not handled properly
  • every 4 months for all 3 horses in my barn; will deworm if FEC above 200
  • Before using any dewormers
  • Usually, every three months to see if & what we need to use in our deworming program
  • according to symptoms
  • Never, I just worm regularly
  • prior to worming and 3 wks post worming
  • 30 horses, therefore too expensive and time consuming.
  • every 3 months
  • I have only used it for one horse, acting lethargic, but plan to get it done for all 11 horses SOON
  • deworm 6x per year
  • We've never done one, nor has our vet recommended it.
  • typically twice yearly
  • unless it looks like I have a problem and then as directed by my vet.
  • I do my own counts, based on age of horse--more when younger.
  • Spring and Fall
  • twice a year
  • I test 1 of my 3 horses before each worming time to know what to treat for it's only $15.
  • I am trying to get my barn owner to do them, but she won't (she could do them herself)
  • once a year
  • On a regular basis normally at least once every 3 months
  • As a vet, none of my clients utilize this. All deworm independant of my advice.
  • Annually on all four then rechecks for anyone who wasn't where they should be.
  • New arrivals and in lieu of dewromer in low-risk months
  • Minimum once per year. If positive I keep doing fecals until I get 2 clear. Then recheck in 3-6 mos.
  • Q 180 days. I am a veterinarian.
  • Twice a year
  • 2x / year or more often if I suspect infestation. I do not deworm without a fecal count first.

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