Tevis Wraps Up; Horse Dies in Fall

The awards ceremony capping the 2009 Tevis 100-mile ride began on a somber note when ride officials announced the death of a competing horse.
Tevis Cup

Rider Sarah Engsberg, K-Zar, owner Alison Bailey, her son Patrick, and ride officials with the coveted Tevis Cup at the awards presentation.

Tevis Cup

Melissa Ribley, DVM and LD Monique and rider director Mike Pickett with the Haggin Cup for the best conditioned horse.

The horse's owner was leading his mount up a steep climb to the Devil's Thumb checkpoint Saturday afternoon when the animal slipped off the trail and fell, hitting its head on a rock. Although help arrived quickly, rescue personnel believe the horse died almost instantly.

Eighty-seven riders completed the 100-mile event within 24 hours to receive their Tevis belt buckles during the Aug. 2 ceremony. Thor Halseth and his partner, Road Rage, whose adventure was being chronicled on TheHorse.com, crossed the finish line at 4:49 and received their belt buckle.

Sara Engsberg and her mount, K-Zar, claimed the Tevis Cup for crossing the finish line first, and Melissa Ribley, DVM, from Grass Valley, Calif., who finished 11 minutes later, accepted the Haggin Cup for her mount, a 7-year-old bay Arabian mare named LD Monique. The 17 Tevis veterinarians selected the Haggin Cup recipient as the horse most "fit to continue."

Tevis ride dates are set to correspond with the full moon to help light the rugged trail. The 55th Tevis Ride will be held July 24, 2010.

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