Zimectrin Products Offer New Satisfaction Guarantee

Horse owners can hold their parasite control to a higher standard--their own approval. Now, all Zimecterin (ivermectin) Brand Products are backed by a satisfaction guarantee, helping to ensure the highest standard of parasite control.

"Horse owners have long trusted Zimecterin Brand Products to help control potentially harmful parasites," said Frank Hurtig, DVM, MBA, director, Merial Veterinary Services. "Now, they can be assured that their parasite control choice is backed by a 100% Product Satisfaction Guarantee. No one wants to risk their horse's health--or their hard-earned money."

Any horse owner who is not satisfied with the level of parasite control achieved by using Zimecterin or Zimecterin Gold (ivermectin/praziquantel) might be eligible for product reimbursement or refund by calling 888/MERIAL-1, option 3. To qualify, Zimecterin or Zimecterin Gold must have been used as directed on the label within 30 days prior to claiming the guarantee. The product must have been purchased within the last six months from a veterinarian or an authorized retail outlet. Proof of purchase is required.

"With all the parasite control products available today, it's important to choose a product you trust," Hurtig said. "Don't take chances with one of the most fundamental aspects of horse health care. Serious problems, like colic, weight loss, and poor coat condition, can occur when parasites are not adequately controlled."

Zimecterin Gold is more than 99% effective in eliminating the common tapeworm Anoplocephala perfoliata in horses. It also treats more species and stages of parasites, including tapeworms, than any other brand.

"To be as effective as possible, parasite control should be a regular, ongoing program with consultation from a veterinarian," Hurtig said. "Using a satisfaction-guaranteed, broad-spectrum product like Zimecterin Gold can help ensure that you're not risking your horse's health--or wasting your money."

For full details of the satisfaction guarantee, call 888/MERIAL-1, option 3.

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