Elmer Bandit Entered for April Ride

Elmer Bandit, the Half-Arabian who broke the lifetime record for competitive trail mileage last October at the age of 37, has been entered in a one-day Competitive Trail event sanctioned by the North American Trail Ride Conference. The ride is scheduled for April 25, in Cherryvale, Kan.

Of her decision to compete in a shorter--and slightly slower--division compared to last year, Elmer's lifetime owner and rider Mary Anna Wood said, "What do we have to prove? The horse is going to be 38 years old."

Another reason for Wood's decision to shorten his competition length is Elmer's growing fondness for two-hour afternoon naps. "If he's going to sleep two hours every afternoon, I'm not sure he has time to go Open (the longest division)," she said.

Wood and Elmer eagerly volunteered to participate in the April ride's mentoring program, which pairs a first-time competitor with an experienced horse and rider.

"I really enjoy my horse's walk and I enjoy talking to people and coaching," Wood said. She explained the transition from Competitor Elmer to Coach Elmer is not abrupt, as "He's mentored a lot of horses in his lifetime."

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