Wunder Hoof All-Natural Hoof Care

Wunder Hoof All-Natural Growth Stimulant and Hoof Conditioner is a quick, easy and affordable way to prevent and treat hoof problems by building thicker walls and maintaining healthy hooves.

The essential oils in Wunder Hoof act as a vasodilator, increasing blood flow to the hoof and increasing growth up to 50 percent. The kokum butter with vitamin E slows cell degeneration and restores skin elasticity.

Wunder Hoof can be used to treat white line disease, laminitis, injured, dry, or cracked hooves, contracted heels and scratches. It also stops flaking of the coronary band, promotes hair growth, and diminishes the appearance of scars.

For more information, contact Wunder Hoof, Inc.; 866/939-2556; www.wunderhoof.com.

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