GI Field Test Now Available from Vets

The Succeed Equine Fecal Blood Test (FBT) is now available through veterinarians, according to Freedom Health LLC. The company had stopped production of the FBT in early 2008, citing manufacturing problems. The new FBT--a field test to help veterinarians diagnose gastrointestinal (GI) disorders in their equine patients--features a new delivery method that displays results in an easy-to-read cassette. The product uses the same technology developed for the original test.

This is the only rapid test available to detect sources of bleeding in the hindgut, which might be a clinical sign of colonic ulcers. Purified antibodies in the Succeed FBT detect equine albumin and hemoglobin in feces, as an indication of GI tract conditions.

"Our research shows a high incidence of gastric and colonic ulceration, along with other ailments that can result in trace blood proteins in a horse's manure," said John Hall, president of Freedom Health. "We developed the Succeed FBT to give veterinarians a tool to aid in their diagnosis of these conditions, given the limitations of current diagnostic methods. We have spent years researching and testing the chemistry behind the test kit, and we are confident that it will provide veterinarians with an effective way to monitor equine digestive health."

To perform the test, a fecal sample is collected from the subject horse, placed in the provided container, and mixed with tap water. A pipette provided with the kit is used to place a few drops of diluted fecal matter into each antibody well on the test cassette, which displays results after five minutes.

Freedom Health is releasing the Succeed FBT only to veterinarians, the best resource for diagnosing and treating equine health issues.

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