World Equine Vets to Meet in Brazil

The 11th Congress of the World Equine Veterinary Association (WEVA) will be hosted by the Brazilian Association of Equine Veterinarians (ABRAVEQ) and the Brazilian Confederation of Equestrian Sports in Guarujá, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Sept. 24-27, 2009. More than 1,000 veterinary delegates from around the world are expected to attend this event and will be able to choose lectures from a diverse program organized by Program Chair David Hodgson, BVSc, PhD, Dipl. ACVIM, FACSM. Themes include reproduction, infectious diseases, lameness, soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, stem cell therapy, pre-purchase examinations, neurology, internal medicine, colic, pre-purchase exams, and problems in Western performance horses.

Gary Norwood, DVM, of Texas, is the current president of WEVA (see the WEVA Web site, for current officers, board members, and info about WEVA, a not-for-profit organization). On behalf of the WEVA Board and the Brazilian Organizing Committee, Norwood welcomes colleagues around the world to attend the 11th WEVA Congress.

He said the Congress is not only a great educational event, but profits from the Congress (held every two years) provide support for "Intermediate Meetings"--shorter meetings held between the Congresses in countries that seek additional veterinary continuing education. (The speakers for these intermediate meetings usually have their airfares paid by WEVA and their accommodations paid by the host country and/or association. They receive no honorariums and donate a minimum of four days away from their practice and personal time.)

Initial Intermediate Meetings were held in Beijing, San Salvador, Hungary, Russia, and India (three times). Other Intermediate Meeting sites included Chile, Colombia, and Uruguay. WEVA presentations were also conducted at the 2008 Congresses of WEVA member associations BEVA (UK), AVEF (France), ABRAVEQ (Brazil), AMMVEE (Mexico), and the AAEP (United States).

The Upcoming WEVA Congress in Brazil

Attendees will enjoy not only the high-quality scientific program, but also the many social events that will be offered. The congress venue is the Casa Grande Hotel and Resort ( This hotel is located mere meters across a boulevard that adjoins the beautiful white sand beach of Enseada, overlooking the South Atlantic Ocean. In addition to the many outstanding features of the Hotel and Resort, Guarujá is but a short trip away from the famed Mata Atlântica (Atlantic forest).

Following are preliminary topics for the 2009 WEVA meeting. See presenting speakers on the Congress Web site  


  • Diagnostics for the Barren Mare;
  • Delay in Uterine Clearance or Chronic Endometritis(which does the mare have and how should it be treated?);
  • What Constitutes a Mare at Risk for Late-Term Abortion?;
  • Irregular Cycling Mare;
  • Frozen Semen Processing and Quality Control;
  • Breeding Mares Using Frozen-Thawed Semen;
  • Intracytoplasmatic Sperm Injection and Embryo Culture;
  • Contemporary Aspects of Embryo Transfer;
  • State of the Art--Formation and Function of the Spermatozoan;
  • Evaluating the Stallion; Technological Advances in Stallion Reproduction.

Lameness and Orthopedic Session

  • Joint Disease and Pathogenesis of DJD--What's New?;
  • Current Concepts in Joint Therapy;
  • Advances in Cartilage Repair;
  • Stem Cells for Cartilage and Tendon Regeneration;
  • OCD, Pathogenesis and Treatment Options;
  • Lameness Originating from Tendon Sheaths;
  • Medical Therapies for Tendonitis;
  • Selected Soft Tissue Injuries in the Performance Horse;
  • Managing Lameness Conditions of the Lower Limb in Performance Horses;
  • Managing Upper Limb Abnormalities in the Performance Horse;
  • Hip Lameness;
  • Conditions of the Plantar Aspect of the Hock;
  • Update on Approach and Management of Lameness in the Western Performance Horse;
  • The Racing Quarter Horse--a Veterinarian's Perspective;
  • Back and Neck Pain in Sport Horses;
  • Pathophysiology of Acute Laminitis in Horses;
  • Inflammatory Laminar Cell Populations in Horses with Laminitis;
  • A Contemporary Approach to Management of Laminitis.

Abdominal Medicine and Surgery

  • Colic--Can We Do Better? Diagnosis and the Decision for Surgery;
  • Colic--Surgical and Medical Management, Which Option?;
  • Abdominal Pain in Foals;
  • The Acute Abdomen in Adult Horses;
  • Endotexemia and Shock;
  • Standing Laparoscopic Closure of the Nephrosplenic Space;
  • Standing Laparoscopy for Granulosa Cell Tumors and Cryptorchid Testicles.

Respiratory Disorders

  • Newer Diagnostic Modalities: Laryngeal Ultrasound and Neurodiagnostics;
  • Update on the Treatment of Laryngeal Hemiplegia;
  • Neuroprosthesis in Upper Airway Surgery;
  • Etiologies and Diagnosis of DDSP;
  • Update on Treatment of Soft Palate Disease.


  • Approach to the Horse with a Suspected Myopathy;
  • Equine Diseases Caused by Known Genetic Mutations;
  • Exertional Rhabdomyolysis: Diagnosis and Treatment Immune-Mediated Myositis and Emerging Myopathies in Horses;
  • Clinical Assessment of the Neurological Patient;
  • Managing Seizures/Bizarre Behavior;
  • Managing the Horse with Cervical Canal Stenosis;
  • Lameness vs. Paresis/Ataxia;
  • Neurological Diseases;
  • Immediate Care of the Compromised Foal;
  • Foal Diarrhea: Diagnosis and Treatment.


  • Managing Growth to Reduce DOD;
  • Nutritional Management of Metabolic Disorders;
  • Feeding to Win: Nutrition of the Performance Horse.

International Equine Issues

  • A Practitioner's Perspective on Pre-Purchase Examinations;
  • Maintenance Strategies for Competition Horses;
  • The Problem of the Unwanted Horse in the United States;
  • Equine Dentistry--An Update;
  • Use of 3-D and Virtual Equine Models as Teaching Aids.

Deadline for "Call for Abstracts" for the Congress is March 21, 2009. See the Congress web site for more details.

Please note that American citizens are required to have a Passport and a visa to enter Brazil. A shuttle service will be provided to and from Sao Paulo Airport to the resort.

The 10th WEVA Congress

The 10th WEVA Congress was held in January 2008, in Moscow, and was hosted and supported by the Russian Equine Veterinary Association (REVA), Russian Equestrian Federation, and Equicentre EZ Ltd. Additional support of the 10th WEVA Congresses came from member associations AAEP, BEVA, and AVEF and pharmaceutical companies Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health, Fort Dodge, Bayer, Merial, and Virbac.

In addition to the numerous scientific presentations by speakers from around the world other highlight of the 10th Congress included the inaugural awarding of the "WEVA Lifetime Achievement Award" to Peter Rossdale, OBE, MA, PhD, DESM, FACVSc, FRCVS. The award was an original bronze commissioned by Merial and AVEF (French Equine Association).

The 2008 Schering-Plough Applied Equine Research Award was presented to Dr. Noah Cohen, from Texas A&M University. Additionally, REVA President and Director of the Congress Dr. Ekaterina Zabegina, Program Chair Dr. Tim Greet, and outgoing WEVA President Dr. Richard Corde also received awards for their services.

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