Elmer Bandit's Winter Workouts Move Inside


Elmer dressage lesson Elmer wearing blanket


Never resting on his laurels, Elmer splits his winter hours between furthering his dressage training and sporting his blanket from his fans at TheHorse.com.

Winter weather has driven 37-year-old competitive trail horse Elmer Bandit and his owner and rider Mary Anna Wood inside for dressage lessons.

"Dressage contributes to keeping Elmer sound, limber, and supple," commented instructor Ann Bradley of Spring Hill, Kan., following a recent lesson. "Elmer is naturally very loose and supple and I believe that has contributed to his longevity.

"I'm very much into horses being calm and willing in their work. We have never, ever, had to prod Elmer in his work," reported Bradley. "He's definitely one of kind ... Elmer is a game-for-anything kind of guy."

Over the years she's taught Wood and Elmer, Bradley has observed the remarkable relationship they share.

"Mary Anna accepts Elmer exactly as he is. She makes Elmer feel appreciated," Bradley said. "I don't believe Elmer would have done as well with anyone else."

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