Elmer Bandit Takes it Easy in the New Year

What has Elmer Bandit, the 37-year-old record-holder for competitive trail mileage been up to since breaking the record last October? Participating in dressage lessons and generally taking it easy, says his owner and rider Mary Anna Wood of Independence, Mo.

Elmer has completed three short dressage classes since his record-breaking ride in October. With most of his fellow dressage students taking a holiday break, Elmer's lessons will resume in a few weeks.

Shorting after breaking the mileage record, Elmer appeared lame in his right stifle. Prompt veterinary care resulted in the recommendation of topical DMSO, bute, and rest.

Elmer now appears sound. "He canters and trots when he comes in for his meals," Wood noted. "During his dressage lessons he was very eager."

 Elmer Bandit, in his new turnout sheet, courtesy of TheHorse.com

Elmer Bandit sported a new turnout sheet at his record-breaking ride, provided on behalf of his many fans who have been following his progress on TheHorse.com.

Elmer often wears the blanket he received from his fans at The Horse. During a recent cold snap with single digit temperatures, Wood placed his TheHorse.com blanket over his heavier blanket and happily reported Elmer was "warm, dry, and protected."

And what are Elmer's New Year resolutions? According to Wood, "Eat two meals a day," topped his list, closely followed by, "socialize with his friends and smile."

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