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  • Arab fan.
  • Elmer is truly one in a million. In my lifetime I may never see another like him.
  • shows older horses still have what it takes, if they are cared for properly, and trained properly.
  • olympic coverage
  • We know Elmer so it has been fun to see him in the news setting records.
  • A truly amazing horse and a wonderful story :)
  • Nice to know an old horse is still useful and his been well cared for by one owner all these years
  • Two good Horse people took special care of a nice horse.
  • Elmer Bandit - inspiring
  • Refreshing and enlightening storay about Elmer AND his middle-aged female owner/rider!
  • Dramatic Winter Rescue of Canadian Horse trapped under the hay feeder in snow, which ended happily
  • helps to save a lot of horses
  • I love the fact that an "old pro" was able to still be in his element after his career was done!
  • Elmer, and his owner, are just the best!
  • I'm an endurance rider
  • a great idea and very much needed
  • Elmer proves good owners can be role models
  • to know that even one horse has a chance for a second life feels good.
  • red ransom
  • I have always liked following race horses.
  • Elmer Bandit-I am an Arabian lover and also own an adopted 30 year old Thoroughbred so am always gla
  • As an older rider it was inspiring to me.
  • I was impressed with Elmers zest for life and Mrs. Woods devotion to Elmer and her sport.
  • It took him a lifetime to catch a Saddlebred! I think Wing Tempo should get back on the trail!
  • Because there are so many who need good homes
  • enjoyed Elmer's story, but throughbred adoption was most worthy
  • The QH foal, Lucky, his amazing survival
  • A good story. A happy old working horse, used with care.
  • My Favorites Option on your website. Terrific idea!
  • shows if you care for a horse, it can live a long and productive life
  • Hero going to Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch
  • Elmer Bandit's
  • Read The Horse for news and info, not happy stories
  • I was amazed by him. Elmer gets my vote
  • love reading about he older horses hope my girls have as long and happy a life as elmer
  • Vet coverage of stint in Moroccan animal hospital
  • Inspirational
  • Molly the use of prosthesis
  • good cause
  • Elmer BAndit is just so extraoridnary!
  • Inspirational on so many levels!
  • Great to see how well an older horse who is well taken care of can perform.
  • Adoption of thoroughbreds is the best way to handle retirees!
  • Elmer Bandit
  • Way to go Elmer!!!!!
  • Elmer Bandit because he's 37 years old & put horses half his age to shame. Go Elmer!
  • I have copeted against & Judged Elmer & he has my respect
  • This proves that it doesn't matter how old your horse is!!
  • Elmer got out there and got it done long after many owners would have cast him away. Kudos to all!!
  • Elmers story is one of inspiration to us all .
  • Refreshing to see a horse properly cared for & used into old age
  • The young verteinarian who traveled to Africa and kept a journal--so much goodwill!
  • Awesome, inspiring, hopeful, fantastic!
  • What a horse!! Quite the spirit for an Arab bloodline!
  • we need to appreciate the wonderful contribution the horse makes to enrich our lives.
  • Elmer Bandit and his rider are an inspiration to the rest of us!
  • Elmer Bandit! Incredible bond between horse and owner
  • For me,it's Elmer,what a heart and not a quitter,God Bless him and Funny Cide too.
  • A 37 YO horse still trucking along breaking records and kicking butt? How awesome is that!!
  • What's not to love about a NY gelding? ;-)
  • All the above
  • The vet who went to Africa to work at a clinic
  • Wonderful story about a wonderful horse
  • I always enjoy stories about older horses who are still healthy & happy, & still active as well.
  • amazing pair
  • The Pickens saving the Mustangs!
  • It would be nice to see followups on the horses available for adoption listed on each newsletter
  • It is wonderful to see such a bond and care with an older horse, it gives hope to others
  • Hard choices! First 3 are all tops!
  • Hurray Elmer Bandit!!
  • I have a horse reaching senior status and want to keep him going like Elmer.
  • Great story--with the correct natural care, more horses shod make it to more years.
  • I think the bond between Elmer and his owner is incredible!!
  • don't use it for the stories like the health/care info and resource
  • john henry's outings. Such a great horse!
  • It makes me smile when I see older horses working and interacting with their younger peers. Hurrah
  • Elmer and T'breds in tie for me!
  • What an incredible horse & excellent, caring owner!
  • I still own my 1st horse. Hes a 25 yr. old Arab. I hope he lives as long as Elmer!
  • All Thoroughbreds deserve to have a happy and useful life.
  • Elmer of course!
  • The birth of the foal from the trailer accident
  • Because most horse never live to be his age, say nothing of remaining competitive
  • horses living a long time and working.
  • Elmer is such a game horse with a huge heart. What's not to love?
  • I competed a mare into her 30's and still rode her at 40. I admire Elmer.
  • I board a 36yr old TB (we put 350# on thru winter of 2006) who has Elmer's fortitude.
  • As an ex-endurance rider, I understand the satisfaction of completing with flying colors
  • he could be anyone's horse & he's made it big time
  • I have a senior horse and it's always nice to see the power of the older horse.
  • I am very pro-TB adoption, having adopted one of my own. Dear to my heart.
  • Elmer is wonderful, I just hope after all he has done ,he will be retired.
  • When any horse is saved, my spirit soars (and tears of joy fall)!
  • I enjoy stories of horses getting a second chance at life!
  • Elmer B and anything with a feedlot horse getting a second chance.
  • Thoroughbred Adoption Service a close second
  • I love Funny Cide, although it was tough to pick him over Elmer Bandit
  • I do endurance and loved following the accomplishments these 2 older competitors
  • Elmer Bandit is an inspiration!
  • Gives us old folks hope.
  • TB adoption service is great! Also appreciated Elmer
  • Amazing that a horse lived this long, even more that he was still competing!
  • Elmer is an inspiration to all, and I loved reading about their record setting rides.
  • My arab x gelding almost died this year. Elmer was a huge inspiration on the road to recovery! :D
  • How well the Olympic horses handled the weather in Hong Kong.
  • I'm a senior, myself, with a 17-yo mare: it's good to know long life's possible for us both.
  • We all love Uncle Elmer Bandit!
  • Molly the pony abandoned by her owners during Katrina
  • Elmer Bandit. I love old horses, have one now, good to see an aged horse win against the odds.
  • ESPN just doesn't cover the Olympics the way us "horse people" want to hear it!!!
  • I always know that if something's happening in the horse world, I'll be able to read about it on TH
  • knowing that someone cares enough about these beautiful animals to not euthanize after their careers
  • What an inspiration!
  • I know Mary Anna Woods
  • It is a blessing to see a horse handle w/such love and care that he continues to achieve at his age.

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