Horse Killed by Kindness in the United Kingdom

An 18-year-old Arabian stallion was thought to be killed by the kindness of strangers. According to the U.K. newspaper Daily Express, the stallion, which was purchased for £10,000 (or about $15,000), had been housed in a paddock near a walking path for more than a year when he suddenly became ill and eventually died of colic.

Simon North, the horse’s owner, and his veterinarian believed that well-intentioned passersby were feeding Kamal dog biscuits and other treats that caused him to colic.  

 “A few weeks ago I noticed he was really unwell and I called out a vet,” Simon told the Daily Express. “She was examining him when she pulled out a dog biscuit from his mouth. I would never feed him that sort of thing because I knew how sensitive his diet had to be."

Simon said that a couple of days later he had met a man walking his dog next to Kamal's paddock who admitted to feeding him dog biscuits.

“He did not realize the harm it was causing, but I explained the problems and told him to stop," Simon said. "I did not blame it all on him because the vet said Kamal had been fed other treats."

He was in the process of posting a sign to advise people not to feed him, but it was too late.

“I went back to the paddock a couple of days later and he was lying on the floor of the stable and he was dead," Simon said. "I was absolutely devastated. The problem is that people who don’t know about horses think they are being kind but Kamal’s death shows how dangerous it can be to give food to horses."



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