California Governor Proposes Tax on Veterinary Services

In an effort to raise funds for the state, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger recently announced his proposal to expand sales tax to include veterinary services. If this proposal passes, the governor estimated $357 million in increased revenue could be generated over the next two years.

The California Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) opposes this action. "Your proposal, if implemented, will serve as a significant disincentive for individuals seeking veterinary care for their animals, particularly during this sizeable economic downturn," said William A. Grant II, DVM, CVMA president, in a letter to the governor. "Veterinary clients will not be able to afford treatments for their animals, which will be detrimental to animal health and to the health of the public at large. The result will be that many animals won't get the medical care they need and they will be abandoned or euthanized."

Schwarzenegger noted in his press conference that he hopes to pass this proposal before the legislative session ends Nov.30.

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