Elmer Bandit Under Wraps as Cold Weather and Record Ride Approach

Elmer Bandit, the 37-year-old Half-Arabian on the verge of setting a new record for lifetime competitive mileage, in bundled up in preparation for this weekend's competitive trail event near Lindsborg, Kan. If Elmer completes the 60-mile ride, his lifetime mileage will reach 20,720, setting a new record.

"Elmer's wearing his heavy winter blanket," reported Elmer's owner and rider Mary Anna Wood from her Independence, Mo., home. "I want him to stay clean, as well as warm, for this weekend."

Autumn rain and falling temperatures moved into the Midwest this week, prompting the blanket for Elmer, and other worries for Wood.

"I'm concerned about the beaver pond," said Wood of a water crossing on the Kanopolis State Park course where this weekend's competition will take place. For the past few years, busy Kansas beavers have enhanced the water crossing, making it wider and deeper. Shorter horses sometimes have to swim.

Asked if the record holds her focus, Wood replied, "Not particularly. It we do it, okay; if we don't, it's fine."

Elmer is entered in two more rides this fall and Wood plans to continue down the trail as long as Elmer is happy, healthy, and enjoying the ride.

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