Herd of 100 Seized Horses Placed in Permanent Homes

In late February 2008, officials from the Alberta Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals seized a herd of more than 100 horses and other animals from a ranch near Edmonton, Alberta. A group of concerned horse people led by Arabian breeder and trainer Susan Fyfe formed the Rescue 100 Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to rehabilitating the horses and placing them in loving homes.

In early July 2008, the last two horses in the herd of rescued animals were placed in permanent homes, according to the group's Web site. The horses have found homes in Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan and the United States. Only one of the animals from the original 100 had to be euthanized due to age and health problems.

Although the pasture is empty, the Rescue 100 Foundation has expanded its mandate to care for additional rescued animals, help place them in permanent homes, and to educate the public on correct animal care. The foundation currently has no additional animals on site, but continue to fundraise and plan for that inevitable occurrence.

The two men charged in the cruelty case are due to appear in court on Nov. 17 to enter a plea.

For more on Rescue 100 and the success stories of some of the horses see Rescue 100's Web site.

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