More Farms Released from Piroplasmosis Quarantine

Florida agriculture officials are releasing additional farms from equine piroplasmosis quarantine. There are currently 13 premises under state quarantine. One farm still has positive horses on the premises.

At the height of the investigation, 25 farms were quarantined, including seven farms with positive horses. Approximately 200 horses have been tested. Premises are being released from quarantine only after negative testing and an extended time since exposure to the disease.

According to a statement released by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Sept. 24, all of the horses have been linked to two horses that came to Florida from Mexico in 2005. According to Mike Short, DVM, equine programs manager for Florida's Division of Animal Industry, all of these horses are from the local-level "brush track" Quarter Horse racing circuit or are connected directly to that industry.

The evidence still indicates that transmission of the disease has been by management practices and not by a natural tick vector. Officials have not found any exotic ticks, and none of the domestic ticks they've captured have tested positive for Babesia caballi and B. equi, organisms that cause equine piroplasmosis.

For further information see "Piroplasmosis Update: 20 Positive, Tracing Exposed Horses."

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Erin Ryder

Erin Ryder is a former news editor of The Horse: Your Guide To Equine Health Care.

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