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More than 900 readers of responded to a poll asking, "Are you interested in getting on your mobile phone?"

results of mobile news poll

Results were as follows: 
  • No; I can use the Internet, but I'm not interested: 47.66% (437)
  • No; I can't use the Internet on my mobile phone: 44.27% (406)
  • Yes: 8.07% (74)

Readers shared their thoughts in the comments below.

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  • This could potentially lead to more distraction while driving
  • no need to spend the extra money on luxuries
  • Am I the only one in the world who thinks a phone is for talking?
  • Internet on your cell phones is ridiculous!!!!
  • I have dial up and use my cell phone for all internet surfing
  • I just don't have the time and my money goes to putting kids into college and horses.
  • too expensive on my web browser
  • Because I can not read as full version like computer.
  • No mobile phone
  • I don't have a cell
  • I don't HAVE a mobile phone!
  • Oh my goodness no. The only justification for this I can see is an emergency.
  • cellphones are already distracting enough.
  • The Horse is very informative
  • Let a phone be a phone and not a TV/computer monitor
  • My phone is a phone... period.
  • no mobile phone!
  • I can, but screen is too small and takes too long to read stuff
  • I use my mobile phone as a phone, nothing more. If I want to use a computer, I will use one.
  • Even if I could use the internet, it would be way to small to read comfortably
  • have dial up, use phone for all internet surfing
  • the writting would be pretty tiny,
  • My phone is capable of internet access but the cost is prohibitive to actually use that service.
  • I'm cell phone challenged so I'll stick to the computer!
  • have dial up, use phone for all internet surfing
  • I would have to carry a magnifying glass around to read off my phone !
  • I have horses. I do not need extra charges.
  • I have the Internet on computer; my phone is for phone calls!
  • I do not carry a mobile phone.
  • I prefer my PC
  • I wouldn't want to even if I could. I enjoy reading the articles on my computer.
  • You have got to be kidding
  • I'd probably access the site more often if there was a mobile version.
  • I'd do it while driving-no thanks!
  • I'm just learning how to use my blackberry, but it keeps exceeding my expectations.
  • My mobile phone is my telephone, NOT a web browser. I'll leave that to my computer thanks.
  • No. I'm still in the dark ages :)
  • Would rather read it on my laptop
  • please make it available so i can read them in my emails on my mobile phone.
  • don't want the expense to read something in tiny print on my phone!
  • We don't need anymore distractions while driving
  • IF I want to access the internet, I use my desk top or my lap top... My phone is for calling people.
  • Don't have a mobile phone; don't want one!
  • No way! I like to read the in the quiet of my computer room!
  • Screen too small.
  • I am already overwhelmed my information on my computer. I use the internet on my phone for business
  • already view it on my mobile
  • hang up and drive, use your desktop
  • Aren't these old eyes in bad enough shape already? I'll stick with my printed copy, thanks!
  • My phone is just a phone, I dont want any internet on the phone, have that on my computer
  • It's too expensive to connect to the web by cell phone!
  • No. -It would be just another bad use for a cell phone while driving in traffic!
  • I didn't even want a camera on it!
  • Text too small to read easily.
  • ENOUGH! We're all "too plugged in" as it is!
  • Are you nuts? I'm trying to ESCAPE from my mobile phone!
  • Don't have a cell phone!!
  • small print and very hard to read on a cell phone, even an iphone
  • i don't use internet on my phone, so i'm not interested because of that
  • the screen is too small -- it would give me a headache. I'd just wait until I could use my laptop.
  • just another way to justify more road accidents
  • Even better: release a mobile download with emergency procedures for various accidents/conditions.
  • do you want to get sued when someone gets into a car accident?
  • if i could access the internet on my phone i would use it
  • This would be so annoying, Such tiny screens!
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