AQHA Donates $50,000 to Genetic Research Fund

The American Quarter Horse Foundation recently donated $50,000 to Morris Animal Foundation (MAF) to advance equine health through MAF's Equine Consortium for Genetic Research (ECGR) project. The consortium includes 18 equine research institutes in nine countries. Funding will allow scientists around the world to study genetic mutations and processes that contribute to equine diseases such as laminitis, arthritis, painful muscle diseases, foal pneumonia, and a myriad of other diseases and disorders.

Genetic issues are a major concern to the American Quarter Horse Association and American Quarter Horse Foundation.

"We have spent more than $1.3 million on these issues in the past few years and feel that we can maximize our research dollars by working with MAF's ECGR," said Bill Brewer, executive vice president of the association. "MAF's very high standards for equine research mirrors that of the American Quarter Horse Foundation and having MAF match our donation will make our research dollars go even further."

MAF has funded hundreds of equine studies since 1959 and the ECGR is MAF's largest equine initiative effort to date. This project will benefit the entire horse industry, offer new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to help save animals by reducing suffering and promoting equine health and welfare.

To learn more about the ECGR call 800/243-2345 or visit  

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