Antibiotic Beads Now Available from Compounding Pharmacy

Wedgewood Pharmacy is now offering antibiotic beads and a new preparation, pentosan polysulfate sodium (Pentosan), in its extensive formulary of custom-compounded preparations.

Wedgewood initially will compound antibiotic beads for gentamicin sulfate, clindamycin HCl, and amikacin sulfate, all of which are commonly prescribed to treat bacterial infections. The company plans to add more preparations in the future. The beads are made of surgical-grade calcium sulfate hemihydrate, a biodegradable substance that will be absorbed over time into the biological system.

Although veterinarians and physicians have utilized antibiotic beads to treat and prevent infection in the operating room and in wounds for almost 40 years, finding a source for the beads always has been difficult; most practitioners have formulated their own in their offices and surgery centers.

The other new offering, Pentosan, is dispensed as a 250mg/ml injection in a 6ml vial. Previously it was unavailable in the U.S.

"Providing veterinarians with compounded preparations in the dosage forms they cannot find anywhere else is the cornerstone of our profession," said George J. Malmberg, RPh, FACA, FACVP, the pharmacist president and CEO of Wedgewood Pharmacy. "When medications that may make a critical difference in outcomes are otherwise unavailable, a capable compounding pharmacy may become the best source for the preparations that are vital to veterinary practice so that veterinarians can focus on treating their patients--not formulating medications."

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