Michigan State Expo to Give Horse Hay Buying Guidance

Like nearly everything else, the cost of horse hay is increasing. Buyers who want to purchase a quality product and sellers who want to provide a marketable commodity can attend an educational seminar during Michigan State University's Ag Expo, July 15 from 2 to 3 p.m.

The seminar will be presented by MSU Extension specialist Karen Waite in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources tent.

"We'll be talking about different types of hay that horse owners might want to consider feeding and ways to plan and make hay purchasing decisions, since it will likely be in short supply again this year," Waite said. "We'll also have information for people who want to make hay and sell it to horse people."

Waite will provide information to both buyers and sellers of horse hay so that they may make informed decisions in their purchases and planting and management.

For more information about Ag Expo, call 800/366-7055 or visit AgExpo.msu.edu.

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