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More than 620 readers of responded to a poll asking, "How would you prefer to read several articles on a topic?"

results of poll on reader preferences

Results were as follows: 
  • Read them all online, an article at a time: 71.25% (446)
  • Download a series of articles as a PDF: 26.52% (166)
  • It depends: 12.14% (76)

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  • none of the above. I would like to read in a magazine or book form. Something I can read anywhere.
  • if i need step-by-step instructions i'll print out
  • i love the links to related articles
  • full articles via RSS (as opposed to visiting site)
  • Both options would be nice, especially for reading versus printouts
  • quickly read 1st then refer back highlight'g specific area of interest to refer back too
  • depends on length of download
  • best would be physical copy in front of me. reading on the computer makes my head ache.
  • For when I am in a location without internert, I want PDF filesfor magazine reading. Online after ?
  • It would depend on whether I'm doing research on a particular topic for a reason or just browsing.
  • If I'm interested, I'd download what I want to read and ignore the rest.
  • If I were reading off the computer, I would read them online, but I most prefer to read magazines
  • Remember that those of us in rural locations have dial-up internet, it takes a while.
  • Would want to download specific articles only if I wanted to save it or read at a later time
  • PDF if want to read while not a pc, or what to keep in file of similars.
  • short articles=on-line; long/detailed=pdf
  • Offer either option
  • If it can/will be used as reference, pdf is best to keep it. If it is only a one time read, online.
  • I like to peruse an article online and if I want to pass it along to someone, I prefer a pdf
  • depends on how long & how sent. leave out the html graphics
  • many rural folks still dialup slow connect
  • INformation now vs reference information. If for reference want PDF. If for information only, read
  • Human/horse interest I read, Safety/Health issues I often save for future ref.
  • I prefer them to be arranged by topic then with related articles.
  • I print if I'll be sitting some place for a while. (like dr. office)
  • It depends on what the Articles are about.
  • I love to be able to make the choice between online and a magazine
  • time, network speed, location
  • It depends on how much time I have, I would like to option to do either.
  • I like to pick and choose what to read at what time, and having them all available at one time
  • Keep for easy reference
  • Some articles I prefer to keep a copy of. Easier to print than find it online again!
  • Some articles are news, some are information. I'd like to keep the informative - like nutrition, etc
  • If it is an ongoing story, I'd prefer to see it as it happens. Otherwise, a series is best.
  • back problems in horses
  • Easiest to download all and read as time permits. Often I print so I can read anywhere.
  • absolutely HATE pdf files, any way but that!
  • time is a factor
  • I would read online, but want to print out items that I needed to understand in detail or long.
  • Medical articles are always great - so informative for the average horse owner - read all
  • Either way - doesn't matter. Whatever works 4 u.
  • It depends on my time availability. I'd use both methods.
  • how long and how many articles
  • The size of the download.Easy retrieval w/Dnld.Available time.
  • Short summary online, detailed article as pdf (also for future reference)
  • Its great for school, to be able to have both so I can access info w/o saving them all to my laptop
  • Read online but have available as PDF downloads
  • Depend on my interest in the articles, of course
  • I prefer articles in a PDF format so I can read them at my leisure.
  • with permission would like to be able to print & share with noncomp hsing customers
  • Ooption to print out longer articles to read later.
  • ...and be able to print separately for future reference if desired.
  • Gives you the option of reading clear copy on line in PDF form while at the same time you can print
  • Time and machine availability
  • Pick and choose PDF articles from a comprehensive list and download them.
  • One at a time, and access to the others through the archive. thanks!
  • Depends on length and depth of article. Prefer PDFs for chart/graphs.
  • read them online after pulling up a topice and being given all articles that pertain as you do now
  • Sometimes I get tired of looking at a computer screen, so would download, especially if wanted to ke
  • Links inside of each article to the other articles
  • I prefer to read in depth and technical article in print; would want good abstracts before downloads
  • It depends on how much time I have available, or if I consider the article worth saving in my files.
  • If I'm interested, the PDF would be preferable. If my interest is mild, online is fine.
  • if important to me, I'd rather have PDF that I can print out & keep. if not, then simply online
  • I like to look them up the way we do now. Thanks
  • short articles, on-line is OK; longer articles, downloading a file would be better
  • choice
  • time makes the PDF file a good option - but too much paper if that is only option.
  • Read them online with links to related articles. Printer friendly option.
  • It's ok to group them, but provide an index and categorize them, make them searchable
  • If I am really concerned and need to share with someone, I want to print it. Otherwise, on the net.
  • If a topic has long term interest or complex articles, I would pdf, but topical events, read online
  • depends on the subject and if the articles are no older then two years old.
  • Depends on my immediate need of information or if I am just reasearching casually.
  • depends on the length and depth of the article
  • I perfer the format you are using now! Artical that are current or news.
  • I would rather have a bullet point summary of each of the artices and pick the one that apeals most
  • have the articles summarized and linked to the more detailed articles
  • I would like links on them to post an opinion.
  • I still prefer to read them in a magazine to take with me.
  • If the article relates to something I am doing or will be doing I would to download it to reference
  • It depends on if I would need to print out any information I may need to keep...
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