Equine Locomotor Pathology Group Moves Toward Certification

The International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology (ISELP) held the first of its second series of lectures earlier this month. Around 100 veterinarians attended the weekend course hosted by Virginia Equine Imaging and led by Jean-Marie Denoix, DVM, PhD, of Centre d'Imagerie et de Recherche sur les Affections Locomotrices Equines in Goustranville, France.

Kent Allen, DVM, vice president of this new society and owner of Virginia Equine Imaging, emphasized the importance of advanced training in diagnosing equine lameness for veterinarians practicing in this field and was encouraged that the number of attendees had almost doubled since last year.

The society aims to provide continuing education for veterinarians in contemporary diagnostics and the use of advanced imaging techniques.

Veterinarians who meet the certification requirements will earn diplomate status and will be permitted to use the post-nominal "Dipl. ISELP." The group's founding members will undertake the certifying examination this summer.

"The goal is to provide contemporary knowledge and techniques in the continually evolving field of equine locomotor analysis, which will better prepare the equine clinician to understand and manage lameness conditions in the equine athlete," Allen explained. "The primary objective of the ISELP is to facilitate the exchange of information, opinions, ideas, and techniques amongst practitioners to achieve better management of patients and provide a better service to horse owners."

Lecturers will cover the anatomy, diagnostics, and pathology of the entire locomotor system in the seven remaining seminars, which are hosted by member practices on a rotating basis.

The next seminar, which will be held at Fairfield Equine in Newtown, Conn., will encompass the fetlock to carpus (knee) region, and Dean Richardson, DVM, Dipl. ACVS, will serve as the guest lecturer.

About the Author

Jonathan McLellan, BVMS (hons), MRCVS

Jonathan McLellan, BVMS (hons), MRCVS, is a practitioner with Ferguson, Hammock, and BonenClark Equine Hospital in Ocala, Fla.

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