Former Owners Relieved to Find Seized Mare Alive

In the five years since selling Promise, breeders Eppie Ferry and daughter Terry Vince of Middlesex, N.C., worried about the Arabian broodmare's welfare.

Promise, an Arabian broodmare found by former owners after being seized

Promise and filly Kizzmee, when owned by Ferry and Vince.

So when they learned that the man who had bought the mare, Terry Trexler, had been accused of animal abuse in South Carolina, the pair began to scour headlines and news videos in hopes of learning Promise's fate. Three members of the Trexler family, including Terry, have been charged with multiple felony counts of ill treatment of animals. (Read more on this case.)

"We saw news video of the horses that were seized from the Trexlers and there she was," Ferry said. "We were so relieved she's alive."

After spotting her in the video, Ferry sent photos of Promise to the Humane Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Richland County, S.C., to help authorities identify the mare.

According to Ferry, Trexler purchased Promise in 2003, at which time the mare was 15 years old. When the transaction hit a snag and Vince's attempts to locate Trexler failed, the women became concerned about Promise. But since Trexler did not transfer Promise's Arabian Horse Association registration into his name, Vince had no way to track the horse.

"We were so worried because she seemed to just disappear," Ferry said. "Now we're just happy she's alive and being well-cared-for."

Ferry still owns two of Promise's daughters, and she said she would be happy to regain custody of the mare.

"We'd take her back in a heartbeat," Ferry said. "She would have a forever home here."

Until the case is resolved in court, the horses will continue to reside in approved local foster homes, according to Michael Privett, DVM, the veterinarian who has been treating the horses.

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