Donkey Rescue Looking to Expand

Instead of finding homes for abandoned dogs or cats, one animal rescue group is asking Minnesotans to adopt donkeys.

Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue has more than 1,000 donkeys, including abused and neglected domestic donkeys and wild burros.

Most of the organization's adopted donkeys are kept at sanctuaries in western states, such as California. But Peaceful Valley would like to find Midwestern landowners willing to serve as satellite adoption centers, meaning they would agree to foster six donkeys at a time and find adoptive homes for them, said Vice President Rachael Komulainen, a Bemidji, Minn., native.

Peaceful Valley also hopes to eventually get landowners to donate land for a Midwest sanctuary, Komulainen said.

The landowners provide fencing, shelter and care for the animals and are reimbursed for hay, vaccinations and other costs.

Komulainen said some people question whether donkeys really need to be rescued.

"Our society--we have really looked down upon the donkey, and it's really a shame," Komulainen said. Donkeys have little monetary value and are often neglected, she said.

Donkeys are gentle, intelligent, social animals and don't deserve their reputation for stubbornness, she said.

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