Olympic Horse Manure Management Going Green in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Jockey Club recently demonstrated its manure management program, illustrating one way in which the club will observe the "Green Olympics" theme of the 2008 Olympic Games. Stable waste and manure from the Olympic equestrian venues at Sha Tin and Beas River will be recycled to produce organic fertilizer via an earthworm vermicomposting method.

John Ridley, the Club's Head of Racing Operations, explained the system to the local media Jan. 2.

The recycling process takes two to three weeks and the resulting organic fertilizer can be used on the turf and gardens at the Club's racecourses, as well as at local organic farms and households, completing the environmental conservation loop.

The stable waste recycling program was first put into use during the test event in August 2007. Each day, 10 tons of waste from the Olympic stables was sent to the recycling plant where it was fed to earthworms and recycled into organic fertilizer.

During the Olympic equestrian events this coming August, all stable waste will go through similar recycling treatment. The Club has already pledged that 100% of the Olympic stable waste will be recycled. It is anticipated that more than 30 tons of waste will be processed on a daily basis.

The waste produced by Hong Kong's racehorses is already going through this process, with more than 30 tons of stable waste recycled each day.

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