Toxic Plants: New Extension Service Book Provides Guide for Horse Owners

To help horse owners identify and control poisonous weeds and plants and understand treatment recommendations for their horses, University of Minnesota Extension recently released a book titled Plants Poisonous or Harmful to Horses in the North Central United States.

This 44-page book presents research-based information on 18 plants or groups of plants that commonly cause poisoning or harm to horses in the North Central States. The book includes hoary alyssum, hemlock, white snakeroot, foxtail, chokecherry, buttercup, fescue, and more.

For each plant or group of plants, weed identification, weed control, toxin, toxicity information, signs and effects of toxicosis, and horse treatment options are discussed. A glossary and reference sections are also included.

The book includes nearly 70 color photos of poisonous or harmful plants at various growth stages and in different environments, and is designed to assist horse owners in becoming familiar with plants that can cause problems.

The printed book retails for $10 (plus shipping and handling) and can be ordered online or downloaded for free at the University of Minnesota's Extension Horse Program Web site.  

The book was sponsored by a grant from the Minnesota Racing Commission.

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