2008 AVMA Conference Heading to New Orleans

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) will head to New Orleans July 19-22, 2008, for the group's 145th Annual Convention. Last year's record-breaking AVMA convention attracted over 10,000 attendees, including more than 4,600 veterinarians and veterinary students and 1,500 exhibitioners. In 2008, the international draw of the Crescent City is expected break attendance records and to set a new standard for the convention.

The convention will host educational seminars, round-table discussions, and press conferences on hot topics in veterinary medicine, food safety, and public health, including: avian influenza; E. coli in meat; food recalls and pet food safety, melamine and imported foodstuffs; the One Health Initiative; animal welfare; horse slaughter and double-decker horse trailers; surgical techniques and advancements; pet trends and health; and horse racing.

"This is the perfect time to host a convention in New Orleans," said James Creed, DVM, MS, chair of the Convention Management and Program Committee. "Over the past two years, hundreds of AVMA veterinarians have visited the city to help rebuild and donate veterinary care following Hurricane Katrina. We can return to the bustling French Quarter, lively piano bars, and world-renown Cajun restaurants with pride in the good work of those AVMA volunteers."

The AVMA is creating volunteerism opportunities during the convention for attendees who want to help in recovering nieghborhoods. Creed said that he expects that these "voluntourism" programs will draw strong participation from veterinarians at the convention.

See the AVMA Web site for more information.

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