Unwanted Horse Coalition Seeking Facilities to Accept Unwanted Horses

The Unwanted Horse Coalition (UHC) seeks to list facilities that provide specific services for unwanted horses, such as retraining facilities, therapeutic riding groups and police departments, and facilities that accept horses with special needs, such as retirement farms and rescue groups.

The UHC will not list a facility whose primary focus is breeding, sales, boarding, or showing. If such a facility has an established program for unwanted horses as part of its overall structure, please contact us to provide more detail about how the specific program assists unwanted horses.

If you would like your facility to be listed on the UHC website as a facility that accepts horses, fill out our online form.

For a list of facilities by state, click here: Facilities List.

This website has links to entities or facilities offering to accept horses for various purposes. Reference to such entities or facilities does not constitute or imply any endorsement or recommendation by the Unwanted Horse Coalition or any of its members. The coalition is not responsible for the representations made hereafter by entities or facilities or the contents of other web pages referenced, the representations made thereon or any representations by entities or facilities. The coalition has not inspected any of these entities or facilities and has simply accepted them for listing at their request. Any individual considering the transfer of any horse or horses to such entities or facilities is responsible for visiting them and investigating them before transferring a horse to them.

Questions Horse Owners Should Ask Before Donating Their Horse
Finding a new home for a horse is not always an easy job and various equine facilities play a role in providing care or finding new owners for horses. Whether an owner is searching for the perfect retirement farm or looking to find their horse a new job in therapeutic riding or in the mounted patrol, there are questions every owner should ask before giving up care and control of their horse. In order to ensure that your horse is placed within the best-suited organization, please consider asking the organization(s) the following:

1. Does the facility subscribe to accepted guidelines for operating such facilities, such as the “Care Guidelines for Rescue and Retirement Facilities” prepared by the American Association of Equine Practitioners?
2. Is it an entity exempt from federal tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code?
3. Does it file IRS Form 990 and forms required by the state? Will the facility provide copies?
4. Does it have a mission statement and a board of directors? Who are they?
5. How long has the facility been operating?
6. If it is a facility that will use the horse, how will it be used?
7. Does the facility have ample room for horses to graze and/or move about?
8. Will the horse stay at the facility or be placed into foster care? If the facility uses foster care, how are foster homes screened?
9. Does it have an agreement regarding the use, boarding or care of the horse?
10. If it is a facility that adopts horses out, what are the requirements for adoption? Does the facility follow up with the new owners to ensure the horse is being properly cared for?
11. Does the facility have a policy against breeding or restrict the horse’s use in any way?
12. What is the facility’s post-adoption policy on breeding and use?
13. If this is an adoption facility, are stallions gelded upon entry and before adoption?
14. What becomes of the horse when the adopter or the user no longer wants the horse?
15. Will the organization advise you before your horse is transferred to a new owner?
16. Can the original owner ask for the horse back?
17. Will the facility provide routine and emergency veterinary and dental care and farrier needs?
18. Does the facility provide training/re-training for the horse?
19. What are the physical characteristics of the facility, including barns, pastures and shelters?
20. Can owners visit if they wish?
21. Have any welfare charges been brought against the facility?
22. Does the facility euthanize horses that cannot be placed? If so, will the facility notify the owner beforehand?

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