Flu: Queensland Government to Pay for Vaccination and Microchipping

The Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries has announced it will foot the bill for approved performance and pleasure horses to be microchipped and vaccinated. The government will also pay veterinarians $35 per horse to get the job done.

Biosecurity Chief Veterinary Officer Ron Glanville clarified the funding arrangements for the equine influenza vaccine, as applications from the performance and pleasure horse industry continued to pour in. He said the cost of all vaccinations and microchipping within Queensland's red zone will be covered by national cost-sharing arrangements, including $35 paid vets to administer the vaccine.

"We are very grateful to the Government for covering 100% of the costs of the vaccine and microchipping," said Peter Toft, Chairman of the newly-formed Performance and Pleasure Horse industry group. "While (the Department) is paying for the vaccination, horse owners need to negotiate with their vets the costs of the routine call-out fee, just as they would with any other veterinary visit. If a private vet charges a call out fee to come to the property as part of the vaccination, it has always been the horse owner's responsibility to cover this payment, and to negotiate that fee with their own vet."

Toft encouraged horse owners to maintain good biosecurity and remain vigilant.

Horse owners wanting to apply for the vaccine should visit the Department's equine influenza Web site to see if they meet the criteria.

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