Unwanted Horse Coalition Releases New Brochure and Handbook

The Unwanted Horse Coalition has released a new informational brochure and handbook.

"We've updated the brochure to reflect the growth the coalition has experienced over the last year," said Tom Lenz, DVM, group chairman. "The 'Own Responsibly' handbook is the first of its kind in the industry. It not only covers major components of horse ownership and care, it tackles some really important issues that a lot of horse owners don't begin to consider until they're in a hard situation."

"Own Responsibly" is a result of the collaborative efforts of members of the Coalition, veterinarians, and other horse professionals in order to provide a comprehensive, go-to resource for current and future horse owners. The handbook addresses basic horse care, options for owners, important questions to ask, second careers, success stories, euthanasia, tax ramifications of charitable donations, and programs that extend the useful life of horses.

"'Own Responsibly' should be a part if every horse enthusiast's equine library," said Lenz. "It is clearly and concisely written, not to mention that it is an example of the fact that great things are accomplished when horse people get together and work toward a mutual goal. The handbook exemplifies the mission of the Unwanted Horse Coalition."

The brochure and handbook can be downloaded from the Coalition's Web site. Hardcopies of the brochure can be requested by contacting the group directly at 202/296-4031.

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