Makers of Succeed Unveil New Web Site on Digestive Health

A new Web site from Freedom Health, LLC offers information on the prevalence of equine ulcers and helps owners and trainers manage their horses for optimal overall health. The new site features study results, diagnostic options, and educational resources for both owners and veterinarians. centers on the launch of the Succeed equine fecal blood test (FBT), which detects minute traces of equine blood--known as occult blood--in manure. Fecal occult blood could be indicative of ulcers or other problems within the digestive tract.

"This site is designed to help owners and trainers understand how modern management practices affect the digestive system, which in turns affects so much regarding the health and well-being of the horse," said Patrick Warczak, vice president of marketing for Freedom Health. "And this can have a significant impact on the horse owner or trainer, in performance and training. Understanding these problems is the first step in correcting them."

Supported by resources for both owners and veterinarians, walks visitors through the ways in which digestive tract health sustains other systems and overall performance. Sections of the site also detail various problems that could lead to the presence of occult blood in equine manure, and how the Succeed FBT differs from other diagnostic tests currently available.

Succeed FBT is able to distinguish between occult blood from a foregut source--which includes the stomach--or from a hindgut source, including the cecum and colon. This distinction helps to provide veterinarians with objective information about the presence and general location of GI tract conditions.

The Web site will continue to grow over time, with additional information and features. According to Warczak, more interactive tools and content will be added to the site over the coming months.

For more information on the Succeed equine fecal blood test kit, including in-depth articles on digestive tract health and interactive presentations, visit

The Succeed equine fecal blood test and Succeed digestive conditioning program are produced and distributed exclusively by Freedom Health, LLC of Aurora, Ohio.

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