Fans Watch on Web as Mare Finally Foals

The wait is over for Suerte's followers on the Web, according to The 21-year-old Trakehner mare delivered a colt last night (March 31) at 7:25pm at Glenhill Farm in Petaluma, Calif.

Kathlene Carney of Glenhill Farm told NBC11 that both mare and foal are doing well, and that the black colt will be named Ransom "because of how he kept the Internet world hostage for so long."

In-stall Web cameras allowed fans to watch via the Internet as the mare's delivery date approached. Her six previous foals had all arrived within a day of the breed-average 340-day gestation period, so suspense and anticipation mounted each day for the chestnut mare's followers as she continued to carry the foal more than four weeks beyond her expected foaling date. The colt arrived after 372 days of gestation.

Glenhill Farm owner Genevieve Ghilotti has received emails and phone calls from Suerte's fans worldwide, NBC11 reports. "I've gotten calls from Africa, England, Canada, all over the United States," Ghilotti said.

For additional details including video and photos, see the story.

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