Colt Rescued After Getting Stuck in Hay Van

A 2-year-old Welsh Cob colt climbed into a bit of a predicament in southern England yesterday afternoon (March 23), when he became lodged inside of a van full of hay. Freeing the horse, named Triple Five, required 14 firefighters, a veterinarian, and "cutting equipment," reported the Portsmouth Today.

The curious colt used his teeth to open the door of the caravan, which was parked at his Newgate Lane, Fareham, stables. He climbed in and began to eat the hay, but when he had finished his snack, he realized there wasn't enough room for him to turn around. He began to panic.

Watch manager Paul Moss, from Havant station, told the newspaper, "He just walked inside the caravan and started eating--he must have fancied a munch. But then he found he was facing the wrong way to turn." Moss said the rescuers are trained in large animal rescues, so they understand the physiology and temperament of horses and how they should be handled.

The veterinarian and RSPCA sedated Triple Play and supervised the rescue, which took about an hour.  The rescuers "used specialist equipment to cut off the front end of the two-berth van so the young stallion could be led to safety." The colt was uninjured. 

Click here to see pictures of the rescue and the report.

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