UK Police Investigate Shaving of Horses

Recent attacks on an Aberdeenshire farm have left more than 25 horses with cut manes and tails, The Herald reported. At least 12 separate incidents have occurred since January in this British city, all at Balhagerty Farm. The most recent incident occurred after midnight on March. 11. Police are investigating the incidents, which are similar to a series of attacks four years ago that were thought to be occult-related.

"There have been a disturbing number of attacks to the horses on the farm and although no animal has been physically injured, I am extremely concerned that the attacks will continue and escalate in violence," Sergeant Kenny McGeough, who is leading the investigation, told The Herald. "There is nothing to suggest this is linked to the occult but I have to keep an open mind."

Four years ago, attacks against horses in the area included stabbings and sexual assault, and some horses had their tails chopped off, according to the article. Horse owners at the time reported finding ritualistic symbols in the corners of fields.

McGeough indicated that police have not been able to identify a motive in the current case. "The family have had no threats and, while they seem to be targeted, for what reason we do not know. The commercial value of the tails is negligible so that seems unlikely," he told reporter Graeme Smith.

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