Pregnant Horse Survives Collision with Train

A pregnant horse that was hit by a train last month is recovering and should give birth soon.

The 4-year-old Quarter Horse named Bailey is owned by Matt and Gena Leyden and their three children, who live near Columbus Junction, Iowa.

She was one of three of the Leyden's horses hit by the train on tracks bordering the family's property on Feb. 22.

A creek thawed the day before the accident, and high water swept away part of the fence where the horses graze, allowing them to walk onto on the tracks.

Bailey is the only horse that survived. Part of her shoulder was torn off.

''I thought she wasn't going to make it,'' said Marissa Leyden, 15, who showed the horse in Louisa County 4H competitions for three years.

At first the Leydens tried to care for her themselves, but because of the Feb. 24-25 ice storm, they had neither running water nor electricity.

By Feb. 26, the wound was infected and Bailey wasn't eating. The Leydens took her to the Abraham Equine Clinic in Cedar Rapids, where horse has made marked improvement.

''The horse would not survive if it weren't for their efforts,'' Matt Leyden said.

Christine Woodford, DVM, one of the clinic's veterinarians, said they've given her several antibiotics and have removed a lot of dead or infected tissue.

Bailey is bearing weight easily on the right foreleg below the wound, and she's eating. She's expected to deliver a healthy foal next month.

The prognosis on whether she can ever again be ridden is ''guarded,'' Woodford said.

The Leydens hope to take Bailey home within two weeks.

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