Canadian Troops in Afghanistan Adopt Donkey

A group of Canadian engineers stationed in Panjwaii, Afghanistan, purchased a donkey from a local farmer who had beaten her. The donkey's official job is to carry sandbags up a mountain where an observation post was under construction. However, according to an article from the Canadian News, the little white donkey's workload is non-existant.

And, to top it off, she might be pregnant.

Writer Bill Graveland said the donkey, named Tina but officially known as Regulator-1, has a good life, her own pen, and plenty of food. He quoted Sapper (Pte.) Jeff Quesnelle from Ontario as saying, "Just having an animal around ups morale. It's something you can give love to, and we don't expect anything in return. It's like having our pets back home here with us."

Graveland reported that troops in the field constantly ask about Regulator-1 on the radio.

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