Off-Duty Police Officer Shoots Neighbor's Miniature Horse

An off-duty police officer in Brazos County, Texas, shot and killed his neighbor's Miniature Horse stallion on Friday (Nov. 17), saying the loose Mini had injured his full-size horses, reports The Bryan-College Station Eagle.

Investigators are expected to meet with prosecutors today (Nov. 20) to determine if the fatal shooting can be considered animal cruelty, and if charges will be filed.

According to The Eagle, Sheriff's reports indicate that College Station Police Officer Damian Anderson shot the horse once.

Brazos County Sheriff Chris Kirk says the law allows a livestock owner to protect his animals. Kirk told The Eagle the issue is now a matter of figuring out whether the shooting can be interpreted as protecting livestock or cruelty to animals.

The Miniature Horse had wandered onto Anderson's property twice before in the prior 4 ½ years, his owner, Brandi Hamlin, told The Eagle.

Hamlin told the paper that Anderson had corralled the stallion when it wandered onto his property in the past. Hamlin says that Anderson had complained about injuries to his horses following the previous visit by the Miniature, but when Hamlin offered to pay veterinary bills, she never heard back from her neighbor, The Eagle reports.

This is the second investigation into animal cruelty involving horses in Brazos County in the past two months. Two college students were arrested in October and have been charged with animal cruelty after they admitted to killing a show horse in its pasture.

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