Farnam's Platform Feed Introduces Miniature Horse and Pony Formula

Miniature horses and ponies may look like smaller versions of their towering cousins, but their nutritional needs are very different. Platform Miniature Horse & Pony feed has been scientifically formulated to meet the unique nutritional needs of Miniature horses and ponies.

As ponies evolved, their small size and efficient digestive systems enabled them to survive in harsh environments with limited nutrition available. Miniature horses share the pony's sturdiness and efficient metabolism. Today, these animals are used for showing, breeding and pleasure activities, which increases their nutritional demands.

Because of their small size and efficient digestive systems, ponies, Miniature horses, and Miniature donkeys are predisposed to nutritionally-related problems such as obesity and hoof problems more often than their larger cousins.

Platform Miniature Horse & Pony feed was developed with these factors in mind -- it is high in digestible fibers and low in starches, sugars and calories providing a feed that when fed with appropriate forage meets the nutritional needs of Miniature horses and ponies. It is formulated with Platform signature ingredients for premium nutrition such as beet pulp, flaxseed, distiller's grains, and stabilized rice bran. This unique feed is also fortified with the appropriate balance of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals for small intakes.

"This is the first feed specifically developed to address the unique nutritional needs of Miniature horses and ponies," said Jamie Stewart, marketing director for Farnam's equine feed and nutritional supplements.

Miniature donkeys who also thrive on higher fiber feeds will flourish on Platform Miniature Horse & Pony feed.

"Miniature horses and ponies need exercise, turnout and socialization just as full-size horses do, but should not be fed the same way," said Stewart. "They have different nutritional requirements and should be fed a feed that fulfills these needs."

All Platform products are formulated by expert equine nutritionists using the latest, up-to-date research. The Platform Feeding System allows you to select an appropriate premium feed and, if needed, targeted supplements to address specific problems without the possible harmful effects and waste of over-supplementation. With the Platform Feeding System, you can design a feeding program to meet your horse's individual needs. For more information about the Platform Feeding System, visit www.platformfeed.com.  

For information about Farnam Horse Products, in the U.S. call toll free at 800/234-2269, direct at 602/285-1660 or visit www.farnamhorse.com.  

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