Kentucky Horse Park Foundation Invites Donors, Volunteers to Help Prepare for the Alltech FEI Games Kentucky 2010

With the Alltech FEI Games Kentucky 2010 around the corner, the Kentucky Horse Park (KHP) Foundation is seeking assistance from the community and competitors in preparing for the event. There are a number of ways to be involved as a donor or a volunteer.

The Kentucky Horse Park is a dynamic facility in Lexington with a full schedule of events and is always in need of improvements that the Kentucky Horse Park Foundation can provide with your help.

Through financial gifts from competitors, Man O' War Society Members, and horse enthusiasts, the KHP Foundation has contributed significantly to the improvement of the Kentucky Horse Park's equine show facilities. With the building of a new all-weather show facility, the Kentucky Horse Park is now capable of hosting major national and international events. Just recently the money that supporters contributed to the KHP Foundation helped the Kentucky Horse Park achieve its dream of hosting top international competitions when their bid for the 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games, now named Alltech FEI Games Kentucky 2010, was accepted.

Although many improvements have been made, the Kentucky Horse Park is far from ready for the Alltech FEI Games Kentucky 2010. "We are in the process of building a new indoor arena," said Alston Kerr, chairman of the board for the Kentucky Horse Park Foundation. "New and renovated stables are needed to house the large number of international horses coming in 2010. With these additions, the park will be able to run competitions year-round."

The KHP Foundation provides the volunteer force for the Kentucky Horse Park. Volunteers range in age from teens to seniors. The estimated time required to volunteer is approximately four hours a week. The skills needed to be a volunteer require interaction with the public, and equine knowledge is a bonus. All necessary volunteer training will be given at the park. To volunteer, please call the Kentucky Horse Park Foundation office at 859/255-5727.

The Kentucky Horse Park Foundation was created in 1985 with the mission of enhancing the Kentucky Horse Park. The KHP Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, is comprised of a diverse board of directors that ranges in occupation from equestrians to local businessmen. The KHP Foundation, through fund raising efforts, has contributed over $18 million to the Kentucky Horse Park.

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