Eleven Paints Honored by the United States Eventing Association

The American Paint Horse Association (APHA) recently recognized 11 talented horses with All-Breed awards for their accomplishments in the United States Eventing Association's (USEA) competition. Awards were given for outstanding performances in events governed by USEA.

For an American Paint Horse to be eligible for an All-Breed Award, it must be registered with both APHA and USEA, and the rider must be a member of both organizations.

Awards are given in eventing's novice, training, preliminary, intermediate and advanced Levels.

For more information about Paints and awards for which they are eligible, contact APHA at 817/834-2742, ext. 249, or e-mail afoerster@apha.com. For more information about USEA, visit useventing.com.

Following is the list of American Paint Horses receiving 2005 All-Breed awards and how they ranked among other Paints.

USEA All-Breed Award Placing Among Paints
(Place/ Horse/ Owner/ Residence)

Preliminary Level
1/ Final Design/ Linda Fohl/ Monticello, Fla.

Training Level
1/ All Too Snoopy/ Dawn Robbins/ Oak View, Calif.
2/ Bugzy Too Bars/ Ty McClung/ Gainesville, Fla.
3/ Grand River Randy/ Melissa Zeller/ Alexandria, Va.
4/ Susquehanna Jones/ Patricia A. Bewley/ Fairfield, Pa.
5/ Buds Painted Sky/ Amanda Nicole Ray/ Fort Worth, Texas

Novice Level
1/ Our Poco Pride/ Cynthia and Ashley McNeely/ Winston Salem, N.C.
2/ Moon Bars Express/ Miriam Antonini/ Fort Worth, Texas
3/ Rebel Star Rangler/ Tracie Ezekiel/ Columbia, S.C.
4/ Made From Scratch/ Farley Wagner/ Farmington, N.Y.
5/ Our Ole Diamond/ Jill Decker/ Greenville, S.C.

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