Kentucky Farmers Help Hurricane Victims

This growing season has had its challenges for Kentucky farmers. Some areas have experienced severe drought conditions. Then there are the typical challenges of disease, soil erosion and unpredictable market conditions. Imagine though that you woke up one day and your livestock was scattered, your fences gone, your greenhouse in shambles, your pastures ruined by tainted flood waters, your barns are gone and, to top it all off, your house was ruined. These are some of the challenges that are facing the farmers in Louisiana, Mississippi and parts of Alabama as the result of Katrina and Rita.

You may not be aware that the Kentucky Department of Agriculture is spearheading an effort to help our fellow farmers make those first steps toward recovery. We are asking that farmers and farm organizations reach into their pockets and contribute fencing items or cash to purchase items. We have lined up trucks and receiving stations in Louisiana. All we need is everyone to open up their hearts and buy a bundle of T-posts or a roll or barbed wire or a bag or two of feed for folks who are struggling to keep their farms.

Please visit our website at where you can view pictures of the struggle farmers are facing and learn how you can help. Drop off points have been set up across the state and FFA clubs, the Cattleman's Association and others are making a difference. You can too. This effort will continue into the coming months, so plan a fund raising event now or stand up at your next meeting and ask that the organization or market contribute to this effort.

Forward this e-mail to everyone in the farm community. Farmers helping farmers is a Kentucky tradition; let's show the folks on the Gulf Coast that we are there for them.

For more information contact Janet Eaton, Kentucky Department of Agriculture, Office of Marketing and Product Promotion, 100 Fair Oaks, 5th Floor, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601; 502/564-4983; FA 502/564-0303.

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