North Carolina Horse Refugee Plan

This plan was organized by the State Animal Response Team, North Carolina Department of Agriculture, and the North Carolina State College of Veterinary Medicine.

If any horses are requested from states affected by Hurricane Katrina are to be sent to North Carolina, it is hoped that no sick or injured horses are asked to make the long trip. Healthy horses will be received at a central location in North Carolina, examined, and triaged, including rapid Coggins testing. They will be observed in quarantine for seven days, then be available for fostering to volunteer owners. The North Carolina Horse Council under the guidance of the above groups would be in need of:

 1. Horse experienced volunteers that could be called in central North Carolina willing to help clean stalls, feed, groom, and hand walk horses.

2. Experienced horse people who are willing to take horses after they have been through quarantine, which could be for an indefinite period of time.

This is a plan and at this time there is no specific need for volunteers other than to develop a list if horses do come. Submit your name and contact via e-mail, and we will contact you if a need arises.

Please consider donating to a responsible cause of your choice to help Katrina victims. The following is a list of where general information can be learned about the Katrina animal situation:

For more information or to add your name to the list if you are able to help, please contact Shannon Hoffman with your information and how you are able to help at

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