VHW, Inc. Acquires Barnmaster, Inc.

VHW, owner of MD Enterprises, Inc., announced the acquisition of Barnmaster, Inc., joining two of the nation's leading manufacturers of barns, stables, and agricultural facilities. Combining these companies brings the strength of more than 55 years of experience in the horse industry, with both companies committed to the highest standards of design, construction, customer service, and affordability.

MD Enterprises, founded in 1974, designs and builds agricultural solutions using top-grade materials. Through its national independent dealer organization, MD maintains an extensive product representation throughout the United States, Canada, and abroad. MD Enterprises builds barns that are recognized for their safety and durability, and the company is a national sponsor of the American Quarter House Association.

Barnmaster says its product is designed for horseman by horseman. Barnmaster ensures maximum safety for horses and its barns are the official barns of the Texas Quarter Horse Association and the American Paint Horse Association. Barnmaster is a sponsor of the National Cutting Horse Association. Its manufacturing facilities are in Lakeside, Calif. and Midland, Texas, and it has developed a significant national dealer network for sales of its product.

"The combining of our interests allows us to share our individual strengths to become unbeatable in experience, excellence, and quality," said Cliff Robbins, president of MD Enterprises. "We are pleased to be able to offer a stronger and better company to horse owners and lovers."

"Remaining as independent companies with shared support services, technology, and manufacturing processes allows us all to sharpen our competitive edge while delivering an improved and cost-effective product to our respective customers," Barnmaster President Ken Spangler explained.

This acquisition solidifies that VHW (as the parent company) is now the largest modular building manufacturer of barns, stables, and agricultural buildings in the United States.

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