Official BWFA Announcement on Farrier Licensing and Regulation


Concerning proposed Farrier Licensing, Regulating Horseshoeing Schools in the United States and the proposals made by AFA task forces and their committees;

  1. The BWFA Board of Directors do not support farrier licensing.
  2. The BWFA Board of Directors does not want to regulate horseshoeing schools in the United States.
  3. The BWFA Board of Directors will not recognize small self appointed committees.

The BWFA board members feel issues of such magnitude should not be discussed behind closed doors. We feel these issues should be examined and voted on by the entire farrier industry out in the open with the majority of farriers, farrier vendors, farrier schools and with the large population of farriers who do not belong to farrier associations.  They should all have the opportunity to hear the pros and cons of such issues that will affect their livelihood and the future of the farrier industry.

We would like to set the record straight that the BWFA membership consists of over 8,000 individuals, making it the largest farrier association. (Contrary to previous reports by non-BWFA individuals and groups.)

Therefore; this November at the BWFA convention we are inviting ALL FARRIERS, regardless of their affiliations, to come vote on these issues.  We feel that this is only fair and that the majority should rule.

In conclusion, the BWFA Board of Directors is publicly inviting the following persons to attend the convention and speak on these issues both pro and con.  There will be no secret agendas and it will be done out in the open for all to see and hear.

This is a preliminary list as of June 28, 2005:

  • The Guild President
  • The AFA President
  • The BWFA President
  • Owners of all private Horseshoeing Schools in the U.S.
  • The Farrier Industry Association President
  • Frank Lessiter of the American Farriers Journal publication
  • Doug Butler
  • John Blombach
  • Donald Jones
  • Marcus Pierce
  • Mike Miller and the disbanded AFA Task Force members
  • Representatives from Breed Associations, several congressmen and the press
  • BWFA Convention dates are November 4, 5, 2005 to be held at the BWFA Headquarters located at the Farriers’ National Research Center in Georgia.

We expect this list to grow as BWFA President, Ralph Casey travels across the U.S. meeting with horse owners and farriers on his Cross Country Tour 2005 in support of the BWFA, Horseshoe’n Time television show and the BWFA 2005 Annual Convention.

More information and Tour Clinic Dates can be obtained at or by calling the BWFA Headquarters in Georgia at (706) 397-8047, email: 

Our board of directors welcomes your comments and suggestions.  We also welcome you to place your opinions in our on-line Opinion Poll located on our website or mail in the form of the Liberty For All flyer being distributed nationwide. (Anonymous name polls will not be counted!)

BWFA Headquarters
14013 East Hwy 136
LaFayette, Georgia 30728

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