NASC and Federal Regulators Discuss Product Label and Manufacturing Standards

Members of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) met recently in San Diego with federal regulators from the FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) and representatives from the American Association of Feed Control Officials to discuss product label guidelines and manufacturing standards.  Members, some from as far away as the United Kingdom, also received training on the NASC adverse event reporting system.

"I was extremely pleased with the turn out for the meeting," said Bill Bookout, president of NASC.  "And even more so that the regulators would take a few days to meet with NASC member companies on the continuation of formulating a reasonable solution to the regulation of animal health supplements that are not covered by DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act)."

NASC is an industry group dedicated to raising the standards of excellence in animal supplements.  Members represent about 70 percent of the multibillion dollar animal supplement industry.  Eight In One Pet products joined NASC because it provides the company with a platform to address issues that affect the companion animal health industry.

"NASC has given us a means to communicate with the governmental agencies that have responsibility over our business," said Martin J. Glinsky, Ph.D., senior vice president of sales and marketing for Eight In One. "As a voice for the industry, NASC has the resources and credibility to initiate positive change, whereas individual companies would have difficulty obtaining an audience with government regulators."

Rebecca Rose, president of In Clover added, "It is important for stakeholders to be proactive with regard to setting higher standards and gaining credibility, especially in the animal health market. Working in cooperation with regulators is critical to increasing animal health product standards and ensuring that companion animals have access to high quality supplementation."

As part of its ongoing effort to improve and standardize the animal supplement industry, NASC initiated its Seal of Quality--"The Benchmark of Quality," which can be displayed by NASC members that meet or exceed NASC quality standards. As of this month, distributors, dealers and consumers should look for the NASC Seal of Quality on the following brands:

  • 21st Century Pet Nutrition
  • Direct Action Company
  • EquiCare®
  • Farnam
  • Genesis Ltd.
  • Grand Meadows Nutritional Products
  • Horse Health Products®
  • Horse Tech
  • In Clover
  • MedVet Pharmaceuticals
  • NaturVet
  • Nutri-Vet Nutritionals
  • Pet Naturals® of Vermont
  • Sher-Mar Enterprise
  • SmartPak Equine (re-seller)
  • Sure Nutrition®
  • Uckele Health and Nutrition
  • U.S Animal Nutritionals® of Vermont
  • Vetri-Science® Laboratories of Vermont
  • Vita-Flex®
  • W.F. Young

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