New Supplement Targets Digestive Tract Health

A new product has been designed to counteract the effects of stress and support the health of the entire equine digestive tract. SUCCEED is a new supplement, introduced by Freedom Health, that the company says has been shown to be safe for all ages and types of horses, including foals and pregnant mares has been released.

Many horses undergo various types of stress on a daily basis, whether it stems from travel, training, breeding, high-grain diets, or just being kept in a stall. Due to these stresses, maintaining a properly functioning digestive tract can be difficult. According to Frank Pellegrini, DVM, vice president of veterinary medicine for Freedom Health and the commissioner for veterinarians at Thistledown Raceway in Randall, Ohio, "A horse's digestive tract was not made to deal with the stresses of spending the majority of their time in a 12x12 box stall and eating high-grain diets two to three times a day."

The supplement contains the essential amino acid threonine, which helps create mucus so the digestive tract can handle the unbuffered acids that can result from intermittent feeding and grain diets high in simple carbohydrates. Another ingredient, beta-glucan, is a soluble fiber in oats that helps promote a healthy immune system by aiding in the production of macrophages (crucial white blood cells). Beta-glucan is also responsible for helping to slow down the transit rate of digesta through the GI tract by forming a viscous gel with the feed in the intestines. This slowing allows the carbohydrates in feeds more surface contact time through the intestines, and therefore a more steady absorption of sugar, preventing sugar highs and lows that can make horses temperamental or difficult to handle.

The oat oil contains polar lipids that act as an emulsifier (a substance that can be used to produce an emulsion out of two liquids that normally cannot be mixed together-such as oil and water) that forms a kind of suspension that improves the absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins.

SUCCEED also contains the amino acid glutamine to promote development of healthy muscle tissues. Yeast extracts are also included to help support a healthy balance of microbes for effective hindgut fermentation.

According to Pellegrini, "SUCCEED, being a digestive conditioning program, does just that. SUCCEED helps horses absorb and maintain the nutrients they need, improving overall digestion. The conversion wof a feed source to an energy source will be supported with use of this product."

The supplement is given daily as a topical dressing on feed or in an oral paste, and the company reports that it is extremely palatable since it is made with natural oil and fiber from oats. Administering SUCCEED will not result in a positive test in competition horses, and it can purchased from veterinarians and retailers without a prescription. SUCCEED's label has been submitted to every state for approval from state feed control officials. Currently, the product is licensed in 42 states.

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