Wetting the Bed

Q. I just started raising a few minis. This year I have a colt which was born with a urinary problem. He keeps dripping urine, not every minute but especially when he lies down. His genital area will be wet, just like kids when they sleep and just forget to wake up. He is about nine months old now. Can you help me? The veterinarian told me he had never seen this before.


A. Your problem with the mini foal sounds like a patent urachus, at least at the beginning. This is a condition where the urinary passage down the umbilical cord fails to close after the foal is born. So, instead of the urine being passed through the urethra, it leaks to the outside. In most cases, this is a temporary situation, as the umbilical stump eventually closes over. But to have this continue to nine months of age is extremely strange. I'd get another veterinarian to look at him.

About the Author

A.C. Asbury, DVM

A. C. (Woody) Asbury received his DVM from Michigan State University in 1956, then spent 21 years in California in breeding farm practice and at UC Davis. He joined the faculty at the University of Florida in 1977 and was involved in teaching, research, and administration until 1996. An Emeritus Professor at Florida, he lives in Kentucky, where he and his wife are developing a small farm.

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