Stock Trailer Accident Information Sought for Study

Students at Anderson College in Anderson, S.C., are compiling information on stock trailer accidents in order to better understand trailer safety concerns. The following questionnaire is being distributed to acquire this data, and horse owners submitting information are encouraged to send in any photographs or news clippings on the accident.

All information will be kept confidential, according to the request.

Rebecca Gimenez, PhD, adjunct professor of biology at Anderson College in Anderson, S.C., said in a written request, "My students are trying to put together a picture of trailer safety concerns based on accidents that have occurred."

Information on Horse and Stock Trailer Accidents Needed:

  • Approximate date and year of accident.
  • Approximate location and state of accident.
  • Name of driver, if possible; all information will be kept confidential.
  • Type of Trailer (bumper pull vs. gooseneck; slant vs. straight; brand name; etc.).
  • Type of Vehicle pulling it (dually, truck, SUV, car, etc.).
  • Number of Horses in trailer and breed or approximate size (ponies or horses).
  • Type of Accident (front end, side swipe, floor failure, lost control, trailer not connected, hitch broke, went off road, etc) Please be as SPECIFIC as possible.
  • Describe the position of the trailer and the horses in the trailer if possible (upside down, on left or right side, or on roof).
  • Describe the condition of the truck and trailer AFTER the accident.
  • Describe the methods used to extricate the animals if possible--was a veterinarian on the scene? The fire department?
  • Number of ANIMALS injured or killed and types of injuries.
  • Number of PEOPLE injured or killed and types of injuries.

If there are pictures or newspaper articles to go with the incident please send them to:

Dr. Rebecca Gimenez
Trailer Accident Study
C/O Anderson College
316 Boulevard
Anderson, SC    29670


About the Author

Stephanie L. Church, Editor-in-Chief

Stephanie L. Church, Editor-in-Chief, received a B.A. in Journalism and Equestrian Studies from Averett College in Danville, Virginia. A Pony Club and 4-H graduate, her background is in eventing, and she is schooling her recently retired Thoroughbred racehorse, Happy, toward a career in that discipline. She also enjoys traveling, photography, cycling, and cooking in her free time.

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