Wanted: ETC Egg Masses

The University of Kentucky’s College of Agriculture is seeking Eastern tent caterpillar (ETC) egg masses from the Central Kentucky area. Egg masses that are viable will be partly or completely covered with a brownish coating and will not have obvious holes. They are found on twigs (about the diameter of a pencil or smaller) of cherry and other trees on twigs. There are pictures on the following web site to help you identify the masses: http://www.uky.edu/agriculture/vetscience/gluck1.htm.

Egg mass

If you can harvest the egg masses yourself, cut off the twig with the egg mass to about three to four inches long. Keep the twigs outdoors. You can harvest several egg masses and hang them together from a low limb. The university will come pick up the egg masses. Or, if you have cherry trees with egg masses low down, university personnel will come collect egg masses.

To have ETC egg masses picked up or to arrange for university personnel to collect egg masses on your property, call Leslie Foss at 859/257-7475. Or you can e-mail Professor Dan Potter at dapotter@uky.edu.

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