Mobile Clinic
LaBoit has introduced the Medical Trailer in 12', 14', 16', and 18' sizes. According to the company, all procedures done in a stationary clinic can now be done on location. The Medical Trailer can be hooked up to a full-sized truck or sports utility vehicle.

For more information contact LaBoit, 2023 W. Rose Garden Lane, Phoenix, Ariz. 85027; 800/776-9984; 602/581-9162; fax 602/581-7462; web site
Infrared Camera
Equi-Thermal Imaging has introduced a new infrared camera to support the examination of horses and the diagnosis of equine problem conditions. According to the company, the Heat-Seeker 2000, a handheld, infrared imaging thermographer displays infrared images in color on a 4-inch LCD display on the back of the camera. The camera weighs only 4.5 pounds and is battery powered. It is also computer compatible and can store hundreds of images on a standard, removable PC card that can be later recalled for review or transferred to a PC.
In addition to the examination of horses, the Heat-Seeker 2000 can be used to reduce the chance of fire by checking the wiring in the barn and the build-up of heat in bales of hay.

For more information contact Equi-Thermal Imaging Corporation, 7208 Cornelia Drive, Edina, Minn. 55435; 612/831-5992; fax 612/831-9332; web site


Hoof Pad
Luwex has introduced a full hoof pad made of shock absorbing material. According to the company, the pad must be used with a flexible hoof packing material. The pad provides support for the frog, which increases circulation and stimulates hoof growth from the coronary band. The mesh, combined with a flexible hoof packing material, allows heels to expand together with the pad, maintaining the natural hoof mechanism and preventing crushed heels. The mesh allows the farrier to see the packing material as it is injected, assuring even coverage, and the ventilation allows the packing material to dry quickly.

The pad is easy to cut, rasp, or trim. It is resettable up to three times. It is available in three sizes and is see-through, making it easy to fit. Luwex also makes a rim pad.

For more information contact Luwex, 38 Hartman Rd., Newton, Mass. 02159; 617/244-9171; fax 617/243-3067; e-mail;
Liquid Supplements
EURO Ultimate Nutrition Concepts has introduced two natural liquid nutritional supplements: EQUISYN Plus and MUSCLE amino L. According to the company, EQUISYN Plus liquids contain chondroitin sulfate in a system that requires small amounts to produce highly effective results. Chondroitin is known to help the body increase the lubricants in joints that have become dry or have lost cartilage through aging or extensive training or competition.
The MUSCLE amino L formula acts as an alternative to anabolic steroids in building muscle strength and durability by being stored in the muscles and acting as an energy source. The vitamins (B6 and C) and minerals (zinc and magnesium) accelerate muscle development without any side effects.

For more information contact EURO Ultimate Nutrition Concepts, P.O. Box 294457, Boca Raton, Fla 33429; phone/fax 561/417-9207; e-mail;
Hoof Builder
Vettec has introduced the Equi-Build hoof builder. According to the company, Equi-Build should be dispensed into the frog, flush with the bottom of the shoe, to promote effective heel and hoof wall growth. Equalizing the load distribution across the entire hoof bottom relieves the outer wall and heels, generating considerable growth.

For more information contact Vettec600 East Hueneme Road, Oxnard, Cal. 93033; 805/488-3162; 800/483-8832; fax 805/488-2266; e-mail;
Thermographic Database
eMerge Vision Systems announced the availability of its thermographic database, an Internet-accessible education and reference resource for users of the company's thermal imaging system. The eVS thermal imaging system is the first infrared diagnostic solution designed to detect the early stages of injuries in horses. With this online database, eVS provides veterinarians with the means to easily compare thermographic images from their patients with documented cases in the eVS database, helping them to interpret these images correctly and enabling them to make the most appropriate diagnostic decisions for animals in their care. The eVS camera, software and clinical database are the first complete thermal imaging solution developed specifically for horses that offers state-of-the-art technology at a price affordable to practicing veterinarians.

For more information contact eMerge Vision Systems, 10315 102nd Terrace, Sebastian, Fla. 32958; 800/945-5310;fax 561/589-3779; e-mail;

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