Farnam Sends Fly Control Products to U.S. Troops in Afghanistan

Upon receiving an urgent request for fly control products from the 360th Civil Affairs Brigade stationed in Kabul, Farnam Companies--a leading supplier of fly control for horses--answered the call to duty. The Army compound was struggling with a heavy fly population in its living areas, and officials were concerned about the spread of disease by these insects.

A service member brought two of Farnam's flytraps with him when he arrived in Afghanistan, but found that he needed more traps.

Farnam employees flew into action when they received the request for products. Company representative Sean Reichle said, "He had originally offered to purchase these traps himself, but we all agreed that we needed to do something better."  Farnam immediately dispatched free cases of Fly Terminator Pro traps and Terminator Fly Attractant to the Army compound. The compound's dining hall and garbage areas are now free of terrorizing flies.

Fly Terminator Pro is a reusable durable plastic gallon jug that traps up to 35,000 flies without insecticide. It has a patented plastic top that won't rust when exposed to the elements and ammonia. Each unit includes patented fly attractant.

For information on Farnam, visit http://www.farnam.com.

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